Man suffering from dental painBecause accidents can happen when you least expect, knowing where to receive treatment can help reduce your anxiety during a dental emergency. Damaging one of your teeth can prevent you from chewing properly without pain and have an adverse effect on your appearance. Although a crack or chip in your enamel may sometimes seem minor, they can lead to health complications when not treated promptly. To avoid infection from taking hold, seek immediate treatment by calling your Moreno Valley, CA dentist. We can treat your pain, stabilize your condition, and begin to plan a restoration for your injured tooth. Remember that early treatment increases the odds of saving your natural structure, so do not delay!

Oral Health Risks From Damaged Teeth

Whenever your tooth is physically damaged, this can expose the inside structure to oral bacteria. When enamel is healthy, it creates a barrier between the insides of your teeth and these organisms that cause tooth decay and infection. Left untreated, you risk losing the entire tooth or eventually require a more intensive treatment than an initial conservative solution. This may mean receiving a root canal therapy for infection instead of preventing it with earlier treatment. Because a tooth injury is an emergency, feel free to call us outside of normal business hours. We want to address oral complications before they become worse!

Easing Your Dental Discomfort

When preparing for your emergency dentistry visit, the following actions can provide relief and help us repair your broken tooth. Try and recover any pieces of your tooth to bring with you to your visit. If this is not possible, we can still repair your tooth, so do not worry. Rinse your injury with warm water to clear any debris and then apply a cloth to stop any bleeding. To prevent swelling, placing a cold compress or ice pack against the side of your face can help.  Consider taking an over-the-counter pain pill to ease discomfort while you await treatment. Because your injury may be rather sensitive, try to avoid eating anything until we fix your tooth.

Call Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist For Your Dental Emergency!

To prevent dental injuries from causing future complications with your oral health, seek immediate treatment. Our practice can evaluate the extent of your injury and provide a restoration to preserve the health of your mouth. For more information on what to do in these situations, please call any of our locations near you at:

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