Bearded man dancing in Hawaiian shirtIf you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how frustrating its effect on your appearance can be. A new hole in your smile can garner unwanted attention and even alter the structure of your face. Because our teeth support the shape of our facial muscles, dental loss causes the face to sag or sink, giving a prematurely aged appearance. Not only do you experience disappointing esthetic changes, but a missing tooth can change the fit of your bite for the worse. Remaining teeth in your mouth can shift into the gap and become unaligned. This can lead to accelerated wear and tear as your teeth no longer meet appropriately and apply even levels of pressure. As damage causes the erosion of your enamel, you become at risk for developing gum disease and tooth decay. For these reasons, you should seek restorative treatment after losing a tooth.

Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can help ease the severity of tooth loss by offering a prosthetic solution that enhances your bite and returns the beauty of your smile! By placing a dental implant, we can attach a restoration that offers desirable treatment for years to come!

Tooth Loss And Your Jaw Health

Did you know that healthy teeth help support the density of your jawbone? When a tooth is in place, it transfers the force of your bite through its root into the jaw. Nerves in your bone detect this force and alert your brain to direct nutrients for continued maintenance as your bite indicates the jaw is in use. When you lose a tooth, you lose the root, and the brain no longer knows that this portion of your jaw requires sustenance. A process called resorption redirects materials such as calcium to other parts of the body, and subsequently, your bone can shrink. Placing a dental implant can restore the transfer of force and provide vital nerve stimulation.

Installing Your Dental Implant

Your dentist can place a titanium post directly into your jawbone to form your implant. After healing, we can attach a restoration, such as a dental crown, to complete your restoration. Your crown and implant post will then work together to restore your bite and take on a lifelike appearance among your natural teeth!

Speak With Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist To  Discover The Benefits Of A Dental Implant!

While losing a tooth can significantly impede your bite, a dental implant can return structural support and maintain the health of your jaw. To schedule an appointment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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