Smiling boy holding fresh broccoli and carrots on a yellow background.Ensuring the long-term health and well-being of your smile begins when your first tooth appears! This means that regularly attending the dentist and practicing healthy oral hygiene is just as important for children as adults. When parents set an example by practicing healthy habits together with their kids, all members of the family reap the benefits of preventing tooth decay and enjoying beautiful teeth.

At your Moreno Valley, CA, dentist’s office, we stress the value of beginning dental care in childhood. The appropriate preventive services can reduce the need for expensive corrective procedures later on as adults. By treating both children and their parents, Dental Associates of Moreno Valley offers care at a single location for the entire family!

Beginning Pediatric Dental Appointments

When your child’s first tooth appears or by their first birthday, we suggest bringing them in for an initial pediatric visit. By providing a comfortable atmosphere, we can introduce your child to the dentist’s office and help normalize the idea of receiving a professional cleaning. As they continue to grow, we monitor the development of their teeth and provide checkups and cleanings like those of an adult on the appropriate schedule. If your child develops a cavity, we can remove decaying material and place a filling. Routine meetings provide the opportunity to teach your children healthy habits to perform at home in between visits to our office.

Learning Oral Hygiene Habits

Like their parents, children should brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to prevent the buildup of decay-causing bacterial plaque. Make sure they brush all surfaces of the teeth, including the front, back, and chewing surfaces, performing gentle, circular motions with a soft-bristled brush. Show them how to floss gently by pulling the string against the edge of each tooth going all the way down to the gums. Discuss limiting sugary food and drinks in your child’s diet to help prevent the accumulation of plaque as well. You can help make dental care more fun by letting your child choose their own brush or brand of toothpaste.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Booking Dental Care For Your Child!

Taking care of children’s teeth does not have to feel like a chore! With a positive attitude and an inviting atmosphere, we provide a welcoming environment to teach your kids healthy dental habits. If you would like to book care for any member of your family, please reach out to any of our locations near you by calling the following:

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