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When it comes to oral health, your gums play a vital role in securing your smile. By practicing your hygiene routine each day, the same behaviors that clean your teeth help keep your gums free from disease. Using your toothbrush and floss to clean the deposits of plaque that cause tooth decay also protects your gingival tissues from bacterial infection. And when you combine these efforts with routine trips to the dentist’s office, you allow them to perform a professional evaluation of your efforts as well. This means that when your at-home practices fail to completely stop the spread of gum disease, your dentist can provide a reversal of the process when caught at its first stage. Do not wait for painful symptoms to begin attending the dentist. because preventing infection is preferable to ongoing treatment of one.

At your Riverside, CA, dentist’s office, we prioritize the importance of healthy gums whenever we see our patients. Semi-annual cleanings and examinations allow us to prevent, catch, and treat any possible cases of gum infection.

Maintaining Your Gum Health

Did you know that gum disease is the number one cause of missing teeth in adults? This is because infection destroys the tissue of your gums and jawbone that secure your teeth in place within your mouth. Left untreated, the disease advances to a state where your teeth are nonviable and may even require extraction to protect the rest of your mouth. Attending regular checkups allows us to clean your teeth and gums so that bacteria do not enter your gingival tissues. If we do detect a case as entered your jawbone, we can place you on ongoing maintenance therapy to best hold the disease at bay.

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Periodontal deep cleanings allow us to remove bacteria both above and below the gum line to treat the symptoms of tooth decay. When gum disease advances, bacteria form pockets between your teeth and jawbone that cause inflammation and bleeding. Periodic removal of these deposits lessens your symptoms although your overall infection is irreversible once it reaches this state. By staying on top of your maintenance therapy, you give yourself the best chance for keeping your teeth!

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Managing Your Gum Health

We are standing by to help you maintain the health of your gums. Whether your goal is prevention or maintenance of existing disease, regular dental visits give you the tools to best aid your smile! For more information and to schedule a visit, reach out to the dental office near you at the following:

Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest in Riverside, CA, at (951) 776-9001.

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