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Are you looking for options to improve the appearance of your smile? If stains and blemishes are diminishing the shade of your grin, it can be quite frustrating. Take a look a pictures of yourself from recent years and you may notice a much brighter look on your teeth. This is because particles in the everyday foods and drinks we love can slowly accumulate in the surface of your enamel. Other habits like smoking and certain genetic factors can reveal a yellow look as you age as well. Fortunately, a visit to your dentist can provide a professional whitening treatment that lifts stains and returns the original look of your healthy smile.

At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we understand how important your cosmetic appearance can be to your mental well-being. Our gel-based bleaching treatments can restore your confidence by tackling the source of your discoloration issue. When you make the decision to lift stains from your teeth, you return a bright, white look you can be proud to show off to others!

When Stains Begin To Build In Your Enamel

How do your teeth become yellow and lose their shine over the years? Certain contributing factors are within your control although others may have a genetic determination. This means that by focusing on the habits you can change, you can reduce stains and maintain a bright smile for years to come. Tobacco use is a major lifestyle habit that contributes to staining of your teeth. Whether from smoking, chewing, or other forms, the tar in tobacco can quickly build on the surface leaving them worse for wear. Drinks like tea, wine, and coffee also contain materials that cause common problems with staining. Consider removing certain drinks or choosing alternatives to determine which have an effect on your specific teeth. Remember to visit the dentist regularly to remove plaque and tartar film that can also cause a yellow look.

Receiving Your Teeth-Whitening Treatment

We can perform a professional teeth-whitening treatment to return the bright, white look of your enamel. This simple procedure offers desirable results that become apparent directly after application. To meet your schedule, we offer kits for take-home use as well as service in our office. Simply select which option works best for you!

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Enhancing The Color Of Your Smile!

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