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Developing a proper attitude towards taking care of your oral health begins in childhood! This is why it is so important to provide regular dental services to your kids. Each time they visit their dentist, they get an opportunity to review their at-home brushing and flossing habits and learn how effective their efforts can be. By receiving regular examinations, we can let you and your child know when problems such as cavities appear and provide prompt treatment before they get worse. When your child learns the importance of preventing poor oral health outcomes instead of waiting for symptoms to seek care, they can head into adolescence with a responsible outlook.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we offer service for patients of all ages! When it comes to children’s dentistry, we watch over your little one’s smile development to see that each tooth comes in and leaves as expected. Regular visits help them prevent decay as they develop the dexterity necessary to properly clean the entire surface of their smiles.

Pediatric Dentistry Protects Little Smiles

As soon as their first tooth appears, your child has the potential to develop a cavity. When oral bacteria collects on the surface of their teeth, it can wear away at surface enamel and threaten the stability of their smile. Because kids have quite a predilection for sweets, they are highly susceptible to building plaques. By bringing your child to regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings, we can help remove plaque and stress the importance of daily brushing and flossing.

Cleaning Your Child’s Teeth

We suggest bringing your kid to meet the dentist by their first birthday or whenever their first tooth erupts. At the initial visit, we perform a simple knee-to-knee lap exam to introduce ourselves and examine the status of their first baby tooth. This first meeting allows your child to become familiar with us before receiving more extensive care as their smile develops. When it is time for semiannual visits, we will provide additional services geared specifically for kids. To offer enhanced protection for their enamel, we provide a fluoride treatment that remineralizes this protective surface layer. Because your child may have difficulty reaching their back teeth, we can also place dental sealants to create a physical barrier that keeps plaque away.

Speak With Your Temecula, CA, Dentist About Scheduling Dental Service For Your Child!

When your child learns healthy oral hygiene habits at an early age, they can prevent common cases of decay down the line. If you would like to schedule care for your little one or any other member of your family, please reach out to any of our locations near you by calling the following:

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