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If you have constant pain in one of your teeth that will not go away, let your dentist know immediately. This symptom can indicate a dental infection that left alone, risks spreading throughout other parts of your body. If a cavity or physical trauma breaks the protective seal of your tooth, it becomes exposed to oral bacteria within your mouth that can reach the sensitive inner chamber. As your body’s immune response creates inflammation near your pulp, it presses against your tooth’s nerves to send the painful signal you now feel. By performing a root canal, we can access the infection and remove all bacteria within. This can reduce your body’s inflammatory response and prevent the disease from spreading.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we stress the importance of responding to dental infections rapidly. By waiting until your next checkup to receive care for your toothache, you risk further damage. This is why we provide emergency dental services to see you outside of your normally scheduled appointments.

How Infections Take Hold Inside Your Tooth

Poor oral hygiene and unexpected injuries are common causes of severe tooth infections. This is because when your tooth is healthy, the enamel prevents oral bacteria from entering and infecting the inner pulp chamber. But when cavities or trauma break the seal of your enamel, the insides become susceptible to entry by bacteria that remain inside your mouth. For this reason, you should always see your dentist whenever you chip or break one of your teeth. Even if your damage seems solely cosmetic, we need to tell if the inside of your tooth risks infection.

Performing A Root Canal

To begin removing your infection, we first numb the affected area with a local anesthetic for your comfort. Using special tools, we then access the inner pulp chamber to clean within. After extensively clearing all decaying material and bacteria, we apply a seal to protect your tooth from reinfection. A dental crown can return the shape and function of your injured tooth to restore your smile.

Speak With Your Corona, CA, Dentist A About Treatment To Treat Your Tooth Infection

When you wake up with a serious toothache, do not wait to seek care. By performing a root canal, we can access the inside of your tooth to remove bacteria and reduce your inflammatory response. To schedule a visit or learn more about this treatment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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