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If you are thinking about correcting problems with the spacing of your teeth, you have multiple treatment options. While each can offer a more beautiful smile, they provide different benefits depending upon your level of malocclusion. Traditional braces offer the strength to bring the most crooked teeth into position. Conversely, clear aligners can more discreetly straighten your smile and provide the benefit of removability. By discussing your current situation with your dentist, you can learn which of the two treatments best corrects your grin.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. In addition to various restorative and cosmetic procedures, we offer orthodontic solutions to align teeth that are not currently straight. By receiving treatment with braces or clear aligners, you can enjoy a smile that is more esthetically pleasing and far easier to clean!

A Traditional Approach To Orthodontic Correction

When your teeth are far out of alignment, traditional bracket-and-wire braces can offer the strength necessary to pull your teeth into position. They can untwist crooked teeth with more force than alternative methods to properly straighten your smile. By attaching a metal bracket to the front of each tooth, we then thread a wire that completes your new appliance. Throughout treatment, you will return to our office for periodic adjustments of your archwire. These visits allow us to review your progress and hone in your smile.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Offer A Clear Alternative

If you have a more mild case of malocclusion, you may qualify for treatment with Invisalign. We will take photos of your smile to create a three-dimensional model for creating your aligner trays. By wearing your BPA-free aligners throughout the day, they pull your teeth into place while being removable at mealtime and when brushing your teeth. This advantage makes fighting decay during the corrective period a bit easier than with the traditional method. Invisalign can save you trips in the dental chair, as when you are finished with one set of trays, you simply continue treatment by wearing the next. Let us know if you have any questions concerning the differences between each option.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Scheduling A Treatment To Straighten Your Teeth!

Straightening your smile can improve its appearance while providing serious benefits for your oral health. This is because teeth that are uniform are much easier to clean. To learn more or schedule a visit, please call any of our locations near you at:

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