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When you wake up with a toothache that will not resolve on its own, you should seek dental treatment right away. Consistent pain can be a symptom of a serious infection that left alone, risks spreading to other parts of your body. Fortunately, we can examine your smile to determine the nature of your injury and when necessary perform root canal therapy. By accessing the inner portion of your tooth, we can clear out bacterial deposits and allow your immune system’s inflammatory response to resolve. This relieves pressure against your sensitive nerves and prevents the bacteria from causing further damage.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we are standing by to provide relief in your time of need. We offer emergency dental services for tooth infections and other painful situations that require professional treatment outside of your general checkups.

When Oral Bacteria Infect Your Tooth

The enamel on the surface of your teeth provides the protection necessary to withstand your bite and protect the sensitive material inside from bacteria in your mouth. When healthy, this strongest material in your entire body withstands thousands of pounds of pressure, but can still break from time to time. If you have an injury that cracks one of your teeth, or decay causes cavities, the loss of your protective seal exposes the insides to infection. While you may find a minor chip to be a simple cosmetic issue, you should let us know right away so we may repair it to prevent complications.

Performing Your Root Canal Therapy

To remove your infection, we must access and clean the inner portion of your tooth. To begin, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the affected area throughout the entire procedure. Using special tools, we enter the pulp chamber and remove decaying material and all bacteria within. Because this procedure permanently alters your tooth’s structure, we must seal it to prevent future reinfection. We can design a dental crown that restores the entire tooth above your gumline to return the strength of your bite and its natural appearance.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA, Dentist A About Treatment To Relieve Your Toothache

Please do not put off being seen for a painful ache in your tooth. We can help relieve your pain and allow your tooth to begin to heal. To schedule a visit or ask any questions about this treatment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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