Middle age beautiful woman wearing casual denim shirtIf you have headaches or constant stress in your facial muscles when you awake, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. By talking to your dentist, we can examine your smile to detect the signs of a condition called bruxism. This constant grinding of the teeth can lead to significant dental damage when not treated promptly. But how do you address a behavior that happens when you are unconscious? We can design a custom oral appliance to fit comfortably between your teeth and prevent the damage that happens at night. After protecting your smile from ongoing wear and tear, we could also discuss restorative treatments to repair your grin.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we are ready to help you protect your smile. Compared to a store-bought mouthguard, we take your specific comfort in mind when designing your custom oral appliance. We know that the easier the treatment for you to undergo, the more likely you will comply.

Identify And Treat Your Bruxism

If you suspect you have a problem grinding your teeth at night, consider asking a friend or loved one to watch over you will you sleep. They may be able to see movement in your jaw or even hear the sound of your teeth rubbing together. We also invite you to discuss your concern at your next dental checkup. When we discover the damage from consistent grinding, we will explain how oral appliance therapy (OAT) can stop it in its tracks.

Your custom, BPA-free oral guard fits securely to each row of teeth to protect your smile while you sleep. Simply put it on before bed and enjoy feeling more refreshed when you wake up. You may find tension in your facial muscles relieving as the custom material absorbs the pressure of your bite.

Repairing Your Smile

By the time you discover your unconscious habit, your smile could be rather worse for wear. We can discuss options to repair the appearance and function of your teeth. Porcelain veneers provide the comprehensive ability to take on multiple smile imperfections in a single solution. By attaching each veneer to the front of your teeth, we can add lost height, cover cracks and chips, and return the bright appearance of discolored teeth.

Find Out More About Oral Appliance Therapy For Bruxism

Don’t let damage to your smile continue unabated! To find out more about how an oral appliance helps you to treat bruxism, give us a call and speak with our team at one of our six locations!

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