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When your dentist tells you you have a cavity, it can be quite disappointing to hear. After all, the goal of brushing and flossing your teeth each morning is to prevent oral threats like tooth decay. But from time to time, even patients with the best hygienic habits can receive a cavity. When you stay on top of your regular dental checkup schedule, you both improve your odds of stopping decay as well as detect it early when it appears. An examination can see a cavity in its early stages long before you may know you have a problem on your own. If you wait to visit until a painful symptom appears, you may need a much more involved procedure to repair your tooth. To retain as much healthy structure as possible, don’t be a stranger when it comes to visiting our practice!

At your Moreno, CA dental office, we prefer seeing patients for preventive treatments at least twice a year. By cleaning your smile on a semiannual basis, we can remove bacterial deposits you cannot handle on your own. We inspect your at-home efforts to help you identify areas that need more attention and can detect decay as soon as it begins.

Preventive Visits Help Stop Decay In Its Tracks

Your tooth’s outer enamel layer has many jobs. It takes on hundreds of pounds of pressure from the force of your bite every time you enjoy a snack or meal. When it is healthy, the enamel also prevents oral bacteria from seeping into the more sensitive portions of your tooth below its protection. This is why we brush and floss regularly. When you remove bacterial deposits that form plaque, you stop them from wearing down your enamel. Left to gather, plaque emits an acidic waste product that slowly eats away and forms cavities.

Restoring Your Smile

By repairing your smile after removing a cavity, we help you prevent infection from taking hold once again. Because the removal leaves a permanent hole in your tooth’s structure, placing a dental filling restores the protective seal of your enamel once offered. We use a composite resin material to help match the shade of your natural teeth. Compared to amalgam fillings, composite resin allows you to return to standard eating and chewing directly after application.

Talk With Your Moreno, CA, Dentist About Treating Your Smile

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