Photo of adorable happy young woman wearing bracesHave you been thinking about options to straighten your smile? If your bite could use alignment or closing of gaps between your teeth, you could receive esthetic and functional improvement at the same time! When you understand the basic differences between traditional orthodontic braces and their alternative treatments, you can more easily move forward with a more uniform smile! Although the enhanced appearance of a straighter smile draws many to smile correction, the health benefits may be far more important throughout your life. A straight smile is easier to clean, leading to fewer problems with tooth decay and gum disease as you age.

At your Corona, CA dental office, we can examine your level of malocclusion to help determine which option suits you best. For patients with more severe problems in their bite, traditional braces offer the strength necessary to pull your teeth into a desirable position. For more mild cases, we may suggest clear aligner therapy that minimizes its impact on your appearance during treatment. Whichever option you choose, we look forward to providing a more beautiful, functional grin when you are done!

Choosing Bracket-On-Wire Metal Braces

We often place traditional braces on our young patients whose jaws are still developing. This is because when the bone is more malleable, treatment can be performed in less time than on more mature adults. By attending regular dental checkups in adolescence, we can identify when you would best benefit from orthodontic treatment and provide it then. Braces are also a fantastic solution for adults who have more significant problems with gaps, crowding, or other conditions.

Clear Aligners From Invisalign

If you are hesitant to pursue orthodontic treatment due to the appearance of traditional braces, clear aligners from Invisalign may be just for you! This alternative system takes sophisticated imagery of your smile to design a set of trays specifically fitted to your teeth. By wearing subsequent sets of trays that you change every couple of weeks, your aligners bring your teeth gradually into position. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you can enjoy the added benefit of taking them off at mealtime and when brushing your teeth. This confers ease of keeping up with your oral hygiene, which becomes more difficult with a permanent set of brackets.

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