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When your dentist tells you you have a cavity, it can be quite a disappointment. After all, you attend your cleanings and exams on a regular schedule to prevent decay from taking hold in the first place. But even the best oral hygiene practices can falter. When this happens, we suggest removing the decaying material as soon as possible and repairing the hole left behind with a dental filling whenever possible. This conservative treatment preserves as much of your healthy material as it can while protecting your sensitive inner layers from reinfection. You can continue to protect the tooth after cavity removal with consistent brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. These habits all combine to form a preventive approach to protecting healthy grins!

At your Riverside, CA, dental office, we select a composite resin that bonds instantly to your injured tooth when placing a filling. This alternative to metal amalgam presents no risk of mercury poisoning or lengthy waits between placement and enjoying your favorite food and drinks. Because we select the color of your new filling, it can blend seamlessly with your smile to present an attractive look.

Make Your Smile A Priority

Scheduling a regular cleaning and exam every six months helps you prevent tooth decay and detect it early in its development. While no one looks forward to a cavity, regular checkups mean not having to wait for more painful symptoms to begin repairing the hole in your smile. This can protect your wallet as well by preventing the need for a more invasive procedure such as a tooth extraction or dental crown. Remember that your daily brushing and flossing habits are just as important as your professional cleaning for removing plaque deposits that wear away at your teeth. Both are necessary to receive the highest degree of protection.

Placing Your Filling After Removing A Cavity

During the exam portion of your checkup, we will suggest removing a cavity whenever we discover one. We apply a local anesthetic that reduces discomfort before cleaning all decaying material with our special tools. Because this procedure leaves a permanent hole in your protective enamel layer, we will insert a filling to reseal your tooth. After applying a special light that accelerates the hardening of your filling’s composite resin, you are ready to go!

Talk With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Repairing Your Smile

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