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The oral hygiene habits you practice each day form the basis for your smile care. They help stop tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold and wreaking havoc on your teeth’s function and appearance. But what can you do if an unconscious problem is causing smile damage? If you wake up each day with soreness in your face or jaw, you may experience a condition known as bruxism, or grinding of your teeth. Without treatment, this concern breaks down the surface of your smile, exposing it to wear and tear, and problems with misalignment. Because you are generally asleep when bruxism occurs, discovering it can be quite a surprise. By speaking with your dentist, we can create a BPA-free mouthguard that separates each row of teeth while you sleep at night. This appliance helps you regain confidence in your grin when you know it’s safe while you sleep.

At your Moreno Valley, CA, dental practice, we use oral appliance therapy to help you preserve your bite before planning restorative procedures to heal your smile. After designing a custom mouth guard, we can discuss solutions like porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and bonding to repair years of damage from this unconscious habit.

Detecting Your Bruxism Habit

If you suspect you grind your teeth at night, consider asking a family member or loved one to watch over you while you sleep. Grinding is a noisy, visible process that they should notice by observing your cheeks while listening intently. At your next dental appointment, discuss your concern with us, and we will examine your back molars for the common signs of wear and tear. While light grinding may require no further treatment, severe damage should be dealt with right away.

Designing An Oral Appliance

When creating a mouth guard, we will take a special impression of your bite to create a device that fits your specific bite. Compared to store-bought solutions, this custom guard fits comfortably to promote your adherence to wearing it nightly. Because the guard separates each row of teeth, the pressure of hundreds of pounds of bite force no longer wreaks havoc on your joints. Enjoy waking up feeling more refreshed each morning.

Find Out More About Oral Appliance Therapy For Bruxism

If you suspect you grind your teeth at night, let us know! To find out more about how oral appliance therapy can treat bruxism, give us a call and speak with a team member at one of our six locations!

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