Beauty portrait of smiling woman with white teeth smile. Beautiful happy girl with fresh skin, natural face makeup indoors closeupAre your teeth beginning to take on a dull hue? If your smile is not as white as it once appeared, explore cosmetic dental services to return its shine. When our smile’s color turns yellow, it can have a seriously negative effect on our mental health. By receiving a professional whitening treatment, you can restore the original look of your healthy enamel. Much of the time discoloration appears in completely healthy teeth. But a different color may cause others to question your oral hygiene. If this happens, do not hesitate to reach out to a team that can help put your best smile forward.

At your Temecula, CA, dental office, we are standing by to inspect your smile for room for improvement. If you would like to take on the effects of staining drinks or food, we can discuss a gel treatment that lifts stains from the enamel’s surface. If we discover that your issue is due to the loss of the enamel itself, we can provide a porcelain veneer treatment that simply covers your existing teeth. No matter the source of your discoloration, we have the solution! Take-home kits even let you take on yellow teeth on your own.

When Your Food Choices Leave Behind Discoloration

What are the causes of teeth staining? While certain genetic factors cannot be influenced, a majority of dental stains arise from behavioral habits. If you have not been staying on top of your oral hygiene, plaque can build up that leaves a yellow residue on the surface of your teeth. This means that regular cleanings and checkups are your first line of defense against yellowing teeth. If bacteria buildup leaves acidic waste, it can break down the enamel of your smile, leaving a professional whitening session insufficient to return your smile’s shade.

Professional Care

When you visit for a whitening session we can discuss if you prefer treatment in-office or with a take-home kit. Both services provide the strength necessary to tackle stains left by soda, tea, wine, and more. If you use tobacco products, we recommend ceasing their use to help maintain your bright smile after your treatment session.

Find Out More About Whitening Your Teeth With Your Temecula, CA, Dentist

Dental discoloration does not have to leave a permanent mark on your smile! Talk with a member of our team and visit one of our locations near you.

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