Temecula, CA, Oral Appliance TherapyWhat steps do you take to protect your smile each day? By brushing and flossing, you remove bacterial deposits and food particles that can cause tooth decay and infection. This same behavior also prevents the irritation of gum tissue that can lead to gum disease. But what can you do to protect your smile while you sleep? If you wake up each morning with a pain in the muscles surrounding your jaw, you may be grinding your teeth at night. But by discussing this condition, bruxism, with your dentist, we can explore therapies to protect your smile. Taking careful measurements of your smile, we can create a custom oral appliance that separates each row of teeth while you sleep. This prevents the wear on the surface of your teeth that comes with grinding as well as relieves pressure in your jaw, allowing you to wake up each morning feeling more refreshed. While generic mouthguards are available from certain stores, a custom appliance fits your unique bite to encourage your nightly use.

At your Temecula, CA dental office, we combine oral appliance therapy with other restorative treatments to treat your chronic grinding problem. Because we may not detect bruxism until it has done significant damage to your smile, we can discuss repairing your teeth with dental bonding, crowns, or even porcelain veneers. These restorative and cosmetic approaches take both your smile’s function and appearance under consideration during the design phase.

Detecting Teeth Grinding

If you suspect you have a grinding habit, ask a loved one to watch over you while you sleep. They may be able to see movement in your jaw throughout the night or even hear the sound of teeth grinding against one another. At your next dental appointment, we can inspect your molars to see signs of wear and tear from this disorder.

Wearing Your Custom Appliance

By taking digital images of your smile, we can fashion a unique guard that fits comfortably over your teeth. Made from BPA-free, plastic material, your night guard will separate each row of teeth while you sleep. This vastly improves your comfort over a standard boil-and-bite guard from a drugstore.

Learn More About How Oral Appliance Therapy Treats Bruxism!

By detecting your grinding habit, we can end the damage that your smile experiences. To learn more about how a custom mouthguard can treat your bruxism, give us a call and speak with a team member at one of our six locations!

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