Riverside, CA, OrthodonticsAre you happy with the position of your teeth? If you think your smile would benefit from becoming more straight, orthodontic correction can align your teeth. With a variety of treatments available today, your dentist can guide you through choosing which best complements your smile goals and lifestyle. For instance, traditional braces are often the best choice for young teens whose jaws are still malleable. This allows teeth to move through the bone rather quickly, bringing about a beautiful smile. We also offer custom clear aligners from Invisalign that address malocclusion in a more discrete manner. Made from BPA-free, translucent plastic, clear aligners allow you to correct the position of your teeth without alerting others to your decision. Their removable nature allows you to brush, floss, and eat more easily without the interference of metal brackets or wires. Whichever option you choose, your dental team will help you through each step of the orthodontic process. At the end of treatment, you can continue to care for your new smile by attending checkups and cleanings regularly!

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we offer consultations to help you decide which orthodontic appliance is best for your care. By measuring the degree of misalignment you experience, we can give an estimate of how long each method will take to complete. We believe that when you feel more informed about the decision you are making, you will be even happier with the results!

Receiving Traditional Braces To Correct Your Smile

For patients in their teen years, we often suggest orthodontic correction with traditional braces. When you are in adolescence, your jaw can respond more deftly to the pressure placed upon your smile by the archwire in a set of braces. This allows us to make adjustments more rapidly and bring about your uniform smile. By attending childhood dental checkups regularly, we monitor the development of a young person’s teeth and let them know when they would benefit from wearing braces.

Discrete Care From Invisalign

Clear aligners offer an alternative to traditional braces that have less of a visual impact. By taking digital images of your bite and surrounding oral structures, we can project what your smile will look like after the Invisalign treatment. Sending the same images to an offsite lab allows for the creation of a set of trays you will wear. Each pair of aligner trays gradually pulls your teeth closer to the desired position. When you complete the last set of trays, your smile appears as predicted!

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