Moreno Valley, CA, Root CanalWhen you wake up with a constant pain in one of your teeth that will not go away, call your dentist right away! Ignoring this symptom could allow a dangerous infection to spread to other parts of your body. Left alone, bacteria inside your tooth can enter the bloodstream and travel throughout. By scheduling an immediate appointment, we can perform an X-ray of your injured tooth and determine if infection is present. If so, we suggest performing a root canal procedure to remove all decaying material from the inside of your tooth and seal it against future infection. This process permanently alters the structure of your tooth, so we create a dental crown that restores your bite’s appearance and function.

At your Moreno Valley, CA, dental practice, we know that dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That’s why we provide services outside of your standard checkup schedule to help relieve pain as soon as it strikes your smile. Dental infections are not to be taken lightly, but you should not be scared of a root canal. Modern anesthetics ensure that this treatment causes no more discomfort than that of a standard dental filling procedure.

How Teeth Become Infected

If a tooth is healthy, its enamel forms a tight seal that prevents outside material such as oral bacteria from accessing the sensitive portions inside. While this material is the strongest part of the human body, it is still susceptible to physical or chemical wear and tear. That is why you should always let your dentist know whenever you chip or crack a tooth. While the damage may seem superficial, any exposure to the inner chamber can allow bacteria to form a painful infection. Similarly, we recommend staying on top of semiannual cleanings to regularly clear plaque and tartar that cause destructive cavities.

Receiving A Root Canal Therapy

If our X-ray detects an infection inside one of your teeth, we will perform a root canal procedure to clear the bacterial deposit inside. This therapy uses special tools to access the tooth’s inner chamber and remove all foreign material. To prevent an infection from striking the injured tooth again, we design a custom dental crown that mimics the entire visible portion of a healthy tooth.

Speak With Your Moreno Valley, CA, Dentist About Therapy To Help Relieve Your Toothache

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