Corona, CA, Root Canal

When you develop a pain in your tooth that will not go away on its own, tell your dentist right away. This pain can make the simplest of tasks impossible, but without treatment, it threatens to spread to other parts of your body. That is because toothaches are a common symptom of dangerous infections that can break away and enter your bloodstream. By scheduling an emergency dental checkup, we can take an X-ray of your problem tooth and determine if foreign material is present. If so, root canal therapy can access the inner pulp chamber and clear it to resolve your infection. Your pain results from the body’s inflammatory process swelling tissues that touch your sensitive nerves. When we take away the bacteria, your inflammation stops and so does the pain.

At your Corona, CA dental office, we offer emergency services to help patients treat pain as soon as it appears. Waiting until a scheduled checkup can allow damage to progress, requiring a more involved treatment later down the line. By relying on local anesthetic, we can ensure that a root canal will be no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling. If you wish, we can use dental sedation as well to increase your comfort during the procedure.

How Teeth Become Infected

If a tooth is healthy, its enamel layer protects the sensitive inner portions from hundreds of pounds of your bite force each day. This strongest material in the body however is vulnerable to elements that can break its protective seal. Poor oral hygiene can allow cavities to appear that create permanent holes in your tooth’s structure. These holes can allow oral bacteria to enter the pulp chamber and form an infection. By staying on top of your semiannual cleaning schedule, we can detect cavities soon after they appear, reducing your likelihood of a toothache.

Performing Your Root Canal

After X-raying your tooth, we will perform a root canal to clean it of your infection. Using special tools, we access the pulp chamber and remove all decaying material. Because this technique permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we must place a dental crown to restore the tooth’s seal and shape. To care for your restoration, continue brushing and flossing regularly while attending your routine checkups!

Talk To Your Corona, CA, Dentist About Therapy To Help Relieve Your Toothache

When you have a sudden toothache that will not go away, a root canal can help relieve your pain. To schedule treatment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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