Riverside Dental Can Help You Stop Grinding Teeth Do you find that when you wake up in the mornings, your face feels sore? If you ever experience a headache or pain after a night of rest, you may be gnashing your teeth in your sleep. Teeth Grinding- Or Bruxism– is very common but can cause damage to your pearly whites. This is a habit that can be done throughout the day too, but sleep grinding can be especially concerning as it’s done unknowingly.

At your Riverside Dental group in California, we can provide a solution for you. In today’s blog, we’re here to tell you the reasons you may be doing this, the problems that can be created if this persists, and what we can do to help!

Bruxism Can Have Several Causes

Identifying the causes of your teeth clenching can help us find the best solution for you.

Age – This habit is prevalent amongst any age, but especially in younger children. It is suspected to be caused by them feeling their teeth growing in.

Stress/ Frustration – If you are under high stress, you may take this on as a way of relief or comfort.

Misalignment of Teeth – An abnormal bite or lost teeth may create an inability to rest your mouth properly and cause you to grind your teeth together.

Other Sleep Problems – Studies have found a link between bruxism and sleep apnea. This can cause a lack of good quality rest and cause major problems later.

Grinding Your Teeth Can Cause Big Problems

Not all teeth grinders suffer from bruxism, but a constant repetition of this habit can be very harmful. Bruxism can be detrimental to your smile because it can damage your teeth, hurt your jaw, and cause pain for you. Over time, this can also wear out your enamel. Weakened enamel can cause problems later, like a higher risk for teeth sensitivity and cavities.

Practicing stress-relief techniques and good sleeping habits may be able to help you with less severe cases, but it’s nearly impossible to stop severe grinding on your own. That’s where Riverside Dental comes in to help.

An Oral Appliance Can Help You

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms above, talk to your dentist. You may not be able to realize that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, but your dentist will be able to look for you. They will be able to help diagnose you with bruxism. Once determined, we can provide you with a solution. An oral appliance is a device that is inserted into your mouth as you sleep. It creates a buffer between your upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding in the night. You’ll get better sleep and experience less pain throughout the mornings after using the oral appliance.


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