Riverside Dental Group Has Treatment Plans For Gum Disease If you have been experiencing red, swollen, or receding gums, loose teeth, or bad breath that does not go away no matter what you do, it is time to see your dental provider. These can all be symptoms of gum disease. Also known as Periodontal disease, this is a leading cause of adult tooth loss and can cause many complications if left untreated. That is why at Riverside Dental Group in California, we are dedicated to providing periodontal treatment to you.

Taking Preventive Measures

The most effective way to prevent oral health infections is to have a consistent oral hygiene routine. Brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist twice a year help to prevent the buildup of plaque on the teeth. Over time, plaque and tartar can lead to gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease. Brushing after eating can help decrease the chance of buildup and regular checkups can allow the dentist to monitor for any changes.

At your biannual check-up, we will be able to examine your oral cavity for indicators of buildup or swelling. If we see this, we will talk to you and decide what the root cause may be. We can help determine a treatment plan that is right for you. Knowing the cause of these symptoms is a crucial step in treating them.

Stages Of Periodontitis

The earliest sign of periodontal disease is known as gingivitis. During this stage, there is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation of your gum line. If this is left untreated, gingivitis advances into mild periodontal disease. The next stage is moderate and then finally advanced periodontitis. During these last two stages, oral infection can lead to bone loss and other major side effects. If this disease goes untreated, you may notice that your teeth shift around and feel loose. There is also a chance of tooth loss at the later stages.

If periodontitis advances without treatment, you could suffer from bleeding gums, losing teeth, and even health complications. Periodontitis is an infection, which means that you are more susceptible to other diseases and can weaken your immune system.

Periodontal Therapy Can Help

If you are experiencing the initial stages of gum disease, we can offer cleanings to treat this. It is best to get treated as soon as possible in order to prevent future complications. Periodontal therapy includes deep cleanings that remove plaque and tartar, allowing for healthy gums to adhere to your teeth. Depending on the severity of your case, we may do a deep cleaning that includes scaling and root planing to remove stubborn tartar. If needed, there are more invasive surgical options available to restore your oral health.

Do Not Put Off This Treatment!

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