Get ahead on orthodontic care with interceptive treatments at Riverside Dental in California

Children’s dental care is an important part of setting up healthy habits for life. You may already know that you should start bringing your child to the dentist by the time they grow their first tooth and continue seeing the dentist twice a year after that. But did you know that by the age of seven, you should take your child to the orthodontist? This is a preventive measure that can help monitor any changes that may be happening as your kid’s smile develops. In today’s blog, Riverside Dental Group is here to tell you about interceptive treatments so that your child can have a great smile.

The First Orthodontist Appointment

Interceptive treatments are used to ensure that your child’s jaw is growing properly so that the teeth can come in correctly. Even if it seems like your child’s oral health is in great shape, they may have some underlying issues that can be corrected if seen early enough. Problems such as a misaligned bite, malocclusion, and other spacing issues can be fixed early if they are seen early enough. At their first orthodontist appointment, the doctor will examine the alignment of their teeth and spacing and develop a treatment plan depending on their needs.

Not every child will need orthodontic services, but having an examination done early can help prepare for future areas of improvement that may come up. If there does seem to be a problem with the way your child’s teeth are growing, there are early treatment steps that you and your dental provider can discuss. In many cases, your child may need a spacer or retainer to create enough space for teeth to come in properly. After this, the orthodontist may suggest an alignment service like Invisalign or braces.

Ignoring Alignment Problems Can Harm Your Oral Health

Without interceptive treatment, your child’s oral health could be at risk. If there is not enough room for adult teeth to grow in, they could begin coming in at an angle and harming other teeth. This can cause a lot of pain and lead to invasive procedures later.

If these problems are caught early enough, they can be corrected without a plethora of surgeries. Delaying orthodontic care can make correcting alignment, jaw problems, and spacing issues more difficult. The longer you wait to begin interceptive treatment the more time it may take to fix these problems over time.

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