Riverside Dental Group offers bonding and contouring to enhance your smile

If you desire to have a more uniform smile and cover damaged-looking teeth but feel like veneers are too permanent of a procedure, we have an alternative solution for you. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we can offer our patients bonding and contouring to achieve the smile they have always wanted. This procedure can improve the appearance of your smile in just a single appointment.

Cover Gaps In Your Smile And Shape Your Teeth

Many people have never heard of this cosmetic procedure. You can decide whether you would like both treatments OR just one.

Bonding: This could be comparable to getting a dental crown but is only for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking to repair a tooth, we do offer different restoration options. Essentially, during this treatment, we will add a composite resin material to the tooth you are addressing. Once we have added the desired amount, we will shape and polish the material to match the rest of your smile. The best feature about this option is that we can match the composite to the color of your tooth, so it will blend in naturally.

Contouring: This is like the preparation process of veneers, but not as extreme. For teeth that are longer or shaped differently than what you would like, we use contouring to create a more uniform shape. We will shave down a small portion of your tooth to get the correct size and shape. The end result of this is a more symmetrical smile.

Caring For Your Teeth After A Cosmetic Procedure

It is important to note that these are not restorative or prosthetic options. If you need to repair a tooth that is broken, chipped, or missing, your dentist can help determine a plan to receive dental implants or another solution.

Once you have completed your bonding and contouring, be sure to take proper care of your oral health for the results to last. You should not experience any pain from these procedures but may feel some sensitivity for a short amount of time. If you begin to feel discomfort while eating or drinking, call your dentist.  You will be able to floss and brush your teeth as usual and be sure to visit your dentist twice a year. You can now enjoy your new, beautiful smile!

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