riverside dental group offers mouthguards to protect your smile

Playing football, hockey, soccer, and other sports is a great way to keep yourself and your kids active and social, but there can be dangers associated with contact sports. To keep your kids safe on the field, consider getting them pro-form mouthguards. At Riverside Dental Group, we’re here today to tell you about the benefits of this preventive dental tool and how you can have one custom-made for your child (or yourself!)

Mouthguards Protect Your Smile

A mouthguard is exactly what it sounds like- a protective shield for your smile. Like a retainer or oral appliance, this device can be inserted into the mouth while playing sports to minimize the risks of damage that can happen during practice and games.

Getting a custom mouthguard is easy. First, you’ll talk to your dentist about your concerns. The sooner this is done, the better. An impression will be made of your smile and sent off to the lab for the appliance to be created. As an added bonus, these can be created in a variety of colors so that you can match your team colors or have your favorite. Once the mouthguard comes in, we will have the patient try it on and adjust it if necessary. From there, all you must do is make sure to wear it during practice and games.

Minimize The Risk Of Sports-Related Injuries

On the field, your child could be at risk of many dental emergencies. We don’t want your young ones to miss out on the excitement that comes with their favorite sports, but dealing with dental emergencies can end up costing you a lot of time and money. Chipping or cracking a tooth could lead to needing either a crown or extraction in severe cases. Biting the tongue or cheek during a game could lead to bleeding and may require a trip to the ER. If your child is bumped during the game, they could harm their jaw which could put them out for the rest of the season until they recover. A mouthguard works by protecting the teeth and jaw. If your child gets tackled, bumped, or otherwise, you can be assured that their risk of damage is minimized.

One Visit Can Save Your Smile!

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