Riverside Dental Group offers oral surgery and endodontics in office

Sometimes even with the best preventive care, some problems need to be fixed with oral surgery. For many patients, this can cause anxiety and worry. At Riverside Dental Group in California, our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your treatments from preventive care to surgeries. That is why we offer endodontics and oral surgery in our offices. Read today’s blog to learn more about what these treatments entail so that you can be prepared.

Root Canal Therapy And Extractions Offer You Relief

There are a couple of reasons why you may need to have a tooth removed. It may cause overcrowding in your smile, it could be impacting another tooth, or there could be damage that cannot be restored. When it comes to your oral health, we do our best to restore the tooth but, in some cases, extraction is the best method. With this, we will sedate you, remove the source of trouble, and suture the area together.

If you have a cavity that has spread into the pulp of your tooth, a root canal can restore the tooth. With this procedure, we will remove the decayed area, fill the hole, and seal it. This allows for the area to regain strength and can help relieve pain associated with severe cavities. Putting off a necessary extraction may cause severe problems to develop, so do not put this off.

Oral Surgery And Wisdom Teeth

One of the most common oral surgeries that people undergo is removing their wisdom teeth. These third molars often grow during your teenage years and can impact other teeth. We choose to remove these if their growth shows that they will impact other teeth or harm you. It is also difficult to brush and floss the third molar, so removal helps prevent problems later.

Being told that you may need oral surgery can be stressful. You may be worried about discomfort or pain during the procedure, recovery time, or worry about being under sedation. Our team will help you feel safe and confident going into surgery. We offer several types of sedation for your comfort levels.

Schedule An Oral Surgery Consultation Today

Root canals, extractions, and other oral surgeries can help prevent needing serious restoration later. If you have been recommended wisdom tooth removal or other oral surgery, see us for a consultation.

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