Woman Brushing Teeth in DiscomfortFeeling pain or discomfort in your mouth and jaw is a serious issue to discuss with your dentist. You may find that the source of the problem is not decay or infection, but instead it is a new set of molars. The arrival of your wisdom teeth in adolescence or early adulthood can cause painful stress to your oral cavity. As they erupt, your third set of molars can push into adjacent teeth. This movement can shift the alignment of your bite and crack the surface of your enamel, and they can even become impacted and cause more pain by not fully emerging. At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we provide extraction services to treat the arrival of wisdom teeth and prevent future damage to your oral health and well-being. Prompt removal can help relieve pain and keep your remaining teeth in a desirable position.

Monitoring The Movement Of Wisdom Teeth

Your third set of molars generally arrive in your teen years or early twenties. Two teeth appear on the bottom and top rows of your mouth each. Some people receive them with no harm, but for others, there is not enough room for the new teeth to fit. This creates crowding and damage to your enamel as the molars cram into one another. By attending routine dental visits in childhood and adolescence, you can stay informed on the movement of your molars. We use imaging techniques to help us determine if they have appeared underneath your gumline and then judge their position to determine if they present a threat against your oral health and require removal.

Performing Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When we recommend performing an extraction, we will take care to safeguard the health of your smile without harming your surrounding teeth. We use an anesthetic to numb the area and perform the work necessary to access and remove them from your jaw. When the surgery is finished, we will provide guidance to support your recovery from at home. We recommend choosing soft foods that do not disrupt your sockets as they heal. Make sure to avoid any suction from straw use or smoking. To prevent potential bacterial infection and undue pain, prioritize taking care of your surgical site throughout the entire recovery period.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The appearance of your third molars can cause pain and harm your other teeth. When not treated in a timely manner, their eruption can lead to further oral health problems! For more information on how we extract wisdom teeth, please reach out to any of our locations at the following:

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