need a wisdom tooth removal? riverside dental group can helpFor many people, their third molars – also known as wisdom teeth – will grow during their teenage or young adulthood. This can cause changes to your alignment and may even cause pain depending on how they grow.

In many cases, it is recommended that these additional structures are removed before they cause more severe problems. We know that oral surgery is not something that patients feel overly excited to hear they need, but we’ll do our best to make the process easier on you. Today, your Riverside Dental Group in California is here to give you an overview of what to expect from your extraction.

Preparing For Your Extraction

The best time for these molars to be removed is when they are still growing. During a dental cleaning and exam, your dentist will be able to see the new formations in an X-ray. While removing them is not always necessary, this is often used as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of cavities, infection, and other problems that can occur near the back teeth because they are hard to reach.

If you have been told that you are undergoing this surgery, there are a few ways to prepare that will make the surgery and aftercare run smoothly. Stock up on soft foods and liquids, arrange time off from work and school for the recovery period, and have a comfortable area for you to rest while you heal.

What To Expect During And After The Removal

First, the area will be numbed. This allows you to be comfortable and the surgeon can do their work without worry. The tissue will be opened, and the teeth will be removed. Then the area will be stitched together. Gauze will be placed to keep the mouth dry and clean.

Following the surgery, be sure to have a family member or friend drive you home as the anesthesia may still be in effect. Avoid drinking through a straw and using tobacco products. You will have to avoid hard foods during your recovery, so be sure to have your favorite soups on hand. Once the area is healed, you will be back to normal.

Schedule Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Today!

With an in-office oral surgeon, your tooth removal will be convenient, and you can be at ease. Don’t put off this surgery if you have been told it will be necessary to maintain the health of your smile. To schedule an appointment, call your closest Riverside Dental Group locations at one of the numbers below:

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