Corona, California cosmetic dentist offers bonding, contouring, and more

If you have been looking for a way to improve the appearance of your smile, Riverside Dental Group in California has several options. For some people, professional teeth whitening may be the best option to remove stains from their pearly whites. However, some discoloration cannot be removed with this treatment. If you are looking for a way to conceal stains and cracks, bonding may be a good alternative for you. In today’s blog, we are here to discuss what this is and how it differs from other aesthetic dental enhancements.

What Is Bonding?

This treatment is the process of adding material to the natural tooth. For patients with deep stains that cannot be removed from whitening, small chips on the teeth, or minor gapping, this method helps achieve an even smile in a single appointment. For patients with more severe damage to their teeth, such as deep cracks, restorative treatments will be better suited for your needs. Restorations such as a dental crown can repair a tooth after damage and will blend in with your smile.

Using tooth-colored resin, we will adhere the material to the natural dentition. This can also be paired with contouring, another cosmetic option. If you have uneven or jagged teeth, we can shave a small amount of the enamel down to help your smile appear more symmetrical. If you have previously gone through the process of braces or Invisalign but still feel like your smile is not as uniform as it could be, contouring can help improve your appearance.

What Makes Bonding Unique?

All patients have specific needs that they are looking to target. For some patients, professional teeth whitening may help them achieve their goals. However, if you have deeper intrinsic stains, your smile will not reach the vibrant effect for which you are hoping. Bonding can help those who have discoloration that professional whitening cannot lift.

Porcelain veneers are another popular cosmetic option. During this process, your enamel will be shaved in order for the new tooth-shaped shells to be adhered. This step is similar to contouring but is more drastic. For patients looking for a happy medium between their natural smile and veneers, bonding, and contouring may be the best option. You will have the benefit of a bright, symmetrical smile without an invasive preparation process.

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