Riverside California dentist offers cosmetic treatments like veneers

Do you have discoloration on your smile that whitening cannot fix? Or a tooth that does not blend in well with the rest? If you are tired of noticing this problem every time you look in the mirror or at a picture, there is a way to change that. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we offer several cosmetic treatments. Professional whitening can target extrinsic stains, and contouring can even out jagged teeth. If you are looking for a way to permanently have a symmetrical and bright smile, veneers may be the solution you are looking for.

A Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement

When it comes to improving your smile, the only wrong option is not choosing one at all. Every patient has unique needs that they would like to target, and we have many solutions to pick from that will address your concerns. Veneers stand out from other dental cosmetics because they can address many concerns at once. From intrinsic stains, discoloration, and uneven or chipped teeth, this treatment can solve all of your smile concerns. Unlike other treatments, once you have veneers, you will have them for a lifetime. You may choose which teeth you would like the veneers to be placed, as well as the shade of the false tooth.

How This Method Works

This cosmetic treatment is a multi-step process. First, you will need a consultation to determine if you are a good fit. It is important that you are in good oral health with no outstanding problems such as gum disease or cavities. If this is the case, the dentist will put you on a necessary treatment plan. Cosmetic options only target visual concerns.

Then, an impression of your smile will be taken and sent to the lab where your tooth-shaped shells will be crafted. To prepare your teeth for the placement of this cosmetic solution, a small amount of your enamel will be contoured down. While you wait for the permanent ones to come in, temporary veneers may be placed. Once the permanent ones have been crafted, you will come in for your final appointment. These will be checked for the correct fit and then bonded in place.

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