Riverside, California dentist offers orthodntic services including retainers Even after you have straightened your teeth with braces or Invisalign, there is a chance they can become misaligned. That is why after your initial orthodontic treatment, proper precautions must be taken. Permanent or removable retainers will be created for you depending on your needs. In today’s blog, your Riverside Dental Group in California will explain how these options differ.

Straightening Your Smile

As you likely know, there are several methods available to align your smile. At our office, we offer traditional braces, esthetic ones, and Invisalign. Traditional braces are what most people envision when they think of braces. This includes metal brackets with wires held in place with colorful rubber bands. At every appointment, which happens about every six weeks, you can change the color of your bands and your wire may be tightened. For patients wanting a less visible option, esthetic ones are made of clear or gold material.

Invisalign is available for patients who want a discreet option. This is usually recommended to teenage and adult patients because the process is partially self-led. You will still visit your dentist to ensure that the process is going smoothly, but you will be responsible for wearing your Invisalign for the proper amount of time each day. Aside from the visual aspect, another benefit of this option is that you can take it out when eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

Who Benefits From Permanent Retainers

As the name suggests, permanent retainers stay in your mouth and cannot be removed. They will be attached to the back of your teeth and will keep them from shifting around. This type of retainer is used for patients who had a significant amount of alignment done for their smile, patients who might forget to use one daily, or are not comfortable using clear ones.

In contrast, there are removable ones as well. Hawley retainers are made of wire and plastic that molds to your mouth. You can take this out to eat and clean. Clear retainers are also available. These are created to fit your oral cavity and keep your teeth in proper placement. You will wear it as instructed by your dentist. Typically, patients will wear it for about six months to a year to ensure that their teeth stay aligned.

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