Riverside, CA, dentist offers bonding and contouring to improve your smile's appearance In yesterday’s blog, we talked about how professional teeth whitening can erase stains from your tooth’s surface and enhance your appearance. Unfortunately, though, this solution does not help patients with intrinsic discoloration. To help camouflage these kinds of blemishes, Riverside Dental Group in California offers bonding and contouring services.

Who Will Benefit From This Method

Patients who have staining below their enamel caused by fluoride overuse, injury, and other conditions can use bonding as a way to hide these unsightly spots. Professional teeth whitening uses bleach to break down surface-level stains, but this bleach cannot penetrate below the enamel. With bonding, we add composite resin over the area to achieve a more symmetrical appearance. This material is created to match the color of your pearly whites and can easily bond to the area. We also use it for filling cavities.

Bonding is also great for patients who have minor gaps between their teeth. However, if these spacing issues are more severe, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment instead. In our offices, we offer Invisalign to help you achieve a straight smile without the hassle of braces.

The Purpose Of Contouring

If you have overly pointy, jagged, or uneven teeth, contouring can help reshape these. Your genetics and many other factors play a role in the shape of your teeth. While it is not necessarily unhealthy to have pointy teeth, it can disrupt the symmetry of your smile. Additionally, having jagged ones can create problems with chewing and speech. Using gentle tools, your dentist can shave a small amount of the enamel down to create a smooth effect. This is not invasive, but we can offer sedation for your comfort.

Deciding Between This Or Orthodontic Treatment

For patients with minor spacing problems or uneven-appearing pearly whites, this cosmetic option may be preferred. It can often be done within a single appointment and will achieve your desired results quickly. However, patients with more severe gapping, overcrowded, or overlapping teeth will not be able to go through cosmetic enhancements until they finish orthodontic treatment. Braces or Invisalign can be used to straighten your smile and reduce the gaps in between your pearly whites. Your dentist can discuss these options in depth with you during a consultation.

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