Riverside, CA dentist offers root canals

In our last blog, we discussed the difference between endodontic treatments and oral surgery options. Endodontic treatment focuses on repairing the pulp of your tooth, whereas oral surgery can help with problems such as wisdom teeth. Today, your Riverside Dental Group of California is going to explore more about root canal treatments. This type of treatment may be needed if you have a severe cavity, an infected tooth, or have fractured the area. Although it is often thought of as a painful procedure, it can help relieve discomfort and restore the area.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Needed

Essential, root canal therapy is needed when the pulp of your tooth has been damaged. This may be caused by a variety of reasons. One cause may be that tooth decay has been left untreated and has developed into a severe cavity. If the enamel and dentin have deteriorated, the cavity will begin to wear down into the pulp. Another reason may be if the area is infected. This can occur from a cavity or a fracture on the tooth. Infected pulp can cause discomfort and should be treated promptly to avoid the infection from spreading. Lastly, if the tooth has been severely fractured, root canal treatment must be done before a crown can be placed over it to restore it.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

Before deciding if this restoration or a different one should be performed, your dentist will examine the area. They may take X-rays to have reference pictures for before and after the procedure. If it is determined that this is the best option, the treatment will be scheduled.

First, the area will be numbed so that you can be comfortable. The area will be cleaned, and a dental dam will be placed to help keep the area dry. The pulp will be gently removed. Then, the space will be thoroughly cleaned. After this, a root canal filling will be added. This is a different material than a typical dental filling. Finally, the tooth will be sealed, and a crown may be placed on top for an extra barrier of protection. Placing a crown helps restore the tooth so that you can have improved chewing ability.

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