Riverside, CA, dentist offers treatment for tmj

When it comes to your oral health, there is more to worry about than just cavities and gum disease. If you frequently wake up with headaches or soreness around your jaw or have extreme tooth sensitivity, this may be a sign that you have a condition like TMJ or bruxism. While these are two different disorders, they are often found together in patients. Today, your Riverside Dental Group is here to talk about how we can help treat these problems.

What Causes Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

This condition happens when our jaw joints cannot move properly. This may be due to an injury that has occurred, arthritis, genetics, or other conditions. TMJ can cause discomfort, soreness, aches, and may make it difficult to chew and speak in some cases. Patients who have it may be able to go about their days with the symptoms, but over time it can become a chronic problem. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s important to see a professional for diagnosis and treatment. Over time, it can cause malocclusion of the teeth. This can make your smile misaligned, and you may notice that it can be difficult to chew certain foods or talk.

How Bruxism Relates To TMJ

Bruxism is a condition that causes a patient to chronically grind their teeth together or clench their jaw. This may happen when the patient is unaware of it. It can cause frequent headaches and earaches, tooth sensitivity, and worn-down teeth. Bruxism can also worsen symptoms of TMJ in some cases. In some cases, patients can grow out of this problem with age. However, if the problem is not managed, it can create serious problems for your oral health. It can cause extreme wear on your pearly whites and make you more susceptible to cavities and breaks. After treating this condition, restorations such as dental crowns can help repair your tooth.

Treating These Conditions Without Surgery

These serious disorders can be treated with the help of an oral appliance. This is a device that can be worn while you sleep. It can help patients with TMJ by supporting the jaw joints in place and relieving patients. For those with bruxism, an oral appliance can protect the teeth from grinding against each other.

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