Riverside, CA, dentist offers prosthetic replacement options

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed how crowns or inlays can restore your tooth after an injury. Your dentist will prioritize keeping your natural pearly whites intact if they have been harmed. However, if the damage is too severe, or the structure has been lost, there are ways to fully replace them so that you can maintain the function and appearance of your smile. Your Riverside, CA, dental group offers prosthetic options such as bridges, dentures, and implants to accomplish this.

Causes Of Tooth Loss

There are several conditions that can lead to permanent tooth loss. Some of the leading reasons for this could include periodontal disease, injury, or genetic conditions. No matter what the reason may be, it is important to address it as soon as possible so that your smile can be restored. Having even just one gap in your oral cavity can lead to a variety of problems. It can deteriorate when speaking or eating some foods, could potentially lower your confidence, and may cause your jawbone to deteriorate as it is not supported properly.

Bridges And Dentures Can Address This Problem

One way to achieve a complete grin again is with the help of a dental bridge or dentures. Dental bridges are permanent prosthetics that can replace up to three teeth in a row. They are supported by the teeth that surround them, which have crowns placed over top for protection. Dentures are a way to replace more severe tooth loss. They can be complete or partial depending on your specific needs. Usually, they are removable, and you will take them out to clean at night. However, there is the option to have implant-retained dentures that are permanently secured in place. Both of these options can help improve your ability to chew and speak.

Why Choose Dental Implants

While traditional bridges and dentures can replace missing teeth, they are unable to mimic the root of the tooth which helps to support your jawbone. Implants may be a preferred method for patients with healthy gums and strong enough jaw. Along with the benefit of improving your appearance and function of your smile, they can also last a lifetime and support your facial structure.

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