Riverside, CA dentist offers restorations including crowns, iinlays, and onlays

An injury to one of your pearly whites can put an abrupt stop to your day’s plans. To repair the injury, your dentist may recommend placing a crown over the area. Riverside Dental Group in California also offers inlays or onlays which can restore an injury in part of the tooth. In today’s blog, we will discuss how these different restorations compare to each other.

When Is A Crown Needed?

A dental crown is a cap that can be placed over the top of your tooth to protect it from further damage or infection. This restoration may be used if the structure has been broken, worn down from teeth grinding, or added before having a bridge installed. The cap will be crafted to appear lifelike and can help make it easier to chew, smile, and perform other functions. The material used for your crown will depend on where it is placed. Teeth that will be visible when you smile will likely use porcelain or zirconia to achieve a natural look. For caps placed on the back molars, metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal may be used. This material can withstand more pressure but can still look natural.

To receive this restoration, you will first need an appointment with your dentist. If you have harmed a tooth in an accident, schedule an emergency visit with your team. The sooner the damage can be looked at, the more likely it can be restored. If the crown is a planned restoration, your dentist will discuss your treatment plan time with you. An impression will be taken of your oral cavity to create the cap. When it is ready, it will be checked to ensure it fits properly. Then, it will be cemented in place.

Using Inlays Or Onlays For Other Restorations

Inlays and onlays are another type of restoration that can be compared to a crown or a filling. Depending on the type of injury that has occurred, these can be used to fit in or around the area instead of covering the entire tooth. An inlay can be added to an area where the cusp- the biting surface- has been harmed. It can be comparable to a filling but may use materials such as porcelain instead of composite resin. Onlays can cover the cusp of your tooth if a larger area has been damaged. These restorations protect the tooth from further harm occurring.

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