Riverside, CA, dentist offers phase one interceptive care

Did you know that we can evaluate orthodontic concerns before your child begins wearing braces? This stage of care allows for concerns such as overcrowding or jaw misalignment to be addressed early. As a result, it can shorten the time that your little one has to wear braces. Your Riverside, CA, dental team is here to explain what you can expect from this process.

Discussing Phase One Care

You can bring your young one in as early as seven years old to have an orthodontic consultation. During this visit, the team will examine their smile to assess what concerns there may be. X-rays or intraoral cameras may be used for this process. Your orthodontist can walk you through the steps that will be taken before braces can be used. Some of the common issues that may be addressed during this stage are the development of their jaw or teeth that may not have erupted yet. Helpful tools such as space maintainers or expanders may be used during this time to help guide the development of their smile.

This phase may take anywhere from six months to two years to correct these problems. While this may seem like a long time, this step is beneficial because it can reduce orthodontic treatment time. After this step has been completed, there may be a resting phase before beginning with braces or Invisalign. Your child may need to wear a retainer during this time to maintain their smile.

Starting Phase Two

The next step will be aligning their teeth. This can be accomplished with traditional braces or Invisalign. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to gradually shift the dental structures into the correct placement. This option is often used for younger patients because it can be closely monitored by the orthodontic team. Teenage and adult patients may be able to use Invisalign or Esthetic Braces instead. These methods offer a more discreet treatment that is less visible to others. Your dentist will need to examine your smile to evaluate what the most efficient treatment method may be. The treatment time for this stage takes around one to two years on average but can vary based on your specific needs.

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Before your child begins their orthodontic treatment, phase one services may be necessary. To learn more about this, schedule an appointment with your team at Riverside Dental Group in California.

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