Riverside, CA, dentist offers oral surgery

Have you been told you will need to undergo a tooth extraction or need a dental implant? These procedures fall under the category of oral surgery, which may seem intimidating for many patients. However, treatments like these can help improve your dental health and overall well-being. Your team at Riverside Dental in California can help guide you through the process so that you can feel well-informed about your treatments.

Deciding To Remove A Tooth

A common type of oral surgery is extraction. Taking out a dental structure may be necessary if it is causing overcrowding or misalignment, has become impacted, or cannot be restored. In many cases, your dentist will do their best to keep your natural tooth intact. However, this may be the best solution to keep your smile healthy. During your appointment, the area will be numbed before the tooth is gently taken out. It may take a few days to recover. As you heal, avoid hard foods, and do not smoke.

The third molars (wisdom teeth) are commonly removed because they can cause problems for your smile. Your dentist can track the development of these during your biannual examination. These may be taken out before beginning orthodontic treatment or if you begin to experience discomfort. This procedure may be more extensive than a simple removal because up to four of your third molars may need to be extracted. Your oral surgeon will give you specific aftercare instructions.

Receiving Dental Implants

Another reason for oral surgery is to begin the process of dental implants. This is a prosthetic replacement option that is secured into your jawbone with a post. After getting approved for this treatment, your surgery will be scheduled. An incision will be made, and a small hole will be created in your jaw. Then, the titanium post will be inserted. You will be sedated during this procedure for your comfort.

The entire process for a dental implant can take several months. After the base has been added, you will need to have a resting period as it naturally fuses to the jaw. Once this has happened, the abutment piece and crown can be added. The crown is the visible part of this prosthetic that allows you to have a complete smile. Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth because they can stabilize your jaw, improve the function of your teeth, and rebuild your smile.

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