Riverside, CA, dentist offers treatment for TMJ & Bruxism

If you often experience headaches, jaw pain, or tooth sensitivity, it could be due to a condition like TMJ or bruxism. These chronic problems can often go unnoticed for long periods of time and can cause harm to your oral health and overall well-being. Your Riverside Dental Group in California may be able to help diagnose and treat your symptoms.

What Causes These Conditions

TMJ and bruxism are two separate conditions, but they are often found together. Bruxism causes patients to chronically grind their teeth or clench their jaws. This may be due to misaligned teeth or improper bite, stress, genetics, or other factors. Over time, the grinding of your teeth together can wear them down, causing sensitivity and discomfort. It may also worsen TMD overtime, which is a condition that causes you to exert too much pressure on your jaw joints. TMD can be caused by a variety of reasons including an improper bite, jaw injury, bruxism, and more.

Often times, you may be unaware that either of these problems are occurring until symptoms begin to arise. If you begin to experience signs of frequent headaches or pain, it is important that you discuss these with a dentist as soon as possible. Leaving these conditions untreated can harm your oral health and may have a negative impact on your physical well being as well.

TMJ And Bruxism Can Be Treated Without Surgery

In many cases, both of these conditions can be treated with the help of an oral appliance. For patients with TMJ, this appliance can help keep your jaw set in the proper position as you sleep. It can alleviate the pressure from these joints, allowing them to rest comfortably at night. In the morning, you may wake up with less discomfort and sensitivity.

An oral appliance can also help address bruxism. Your teeth will be protected from grinding against each other as you sleep. This can help protect your pearly whites from damaging wear and tear over time. If your teeth have been injured due to clenching them together, restorative treatments are available as well. For instance, grinding your teeth excessively can wear away your enamel and may increase your chances of cavities. Dental fillings can be done to restore and protect your tooth after decay. If one of your dental structures has become worn down, dental crowns may be used to restore them.

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