Riverside, CA, dentist offer dental bridges and denturesMissing just one tooth can cause problems for your smile. Ideally, you should replace this as soon as possible. But it can be overwhelming to understand what prosthetic option will best mimic your lost pearly whites. You may worry about having to remove your false teeth or have anxiety about it looking unnatural. Today, your team at Riverside Dental Group in California is here to explain how a dental bridge works so you can feel confident in your tooth replacement.

Explaining How This Prosthetic Works

Essentially, a dental bridge is a set of false teeth that can replace up to three of your dental structures in a row. This may be helpful for patients who have lost their teeth due to an injury or other condition. If you have lost several of your pearly whites in a row, it can create a large gap in your smile. This can make you feel self-conscious of your appearance, make it difficult to chew certain foods, and can make it difficult to speak. By filling this gap, you can have a complete grin again and have improved the function of your smile. Your dentist will take an impression of your oral cavity to create the bridge. Crowns will be secured on the adjacent teeth to support the pontic. Since this is a fixed option, you will not have to worry about removing it or it slipping around. With the proper care, it cna last for many years. Your dentist can show you how to properly brush and floss around your new tooth so that you can maintain your oral hygiene.

How This Compares To Dentures

Dentures are another popular replacement option for patients. Traditionally, dentures are removable and are taken out at night to clean. These can come as a complete or partial set depending on the severity of your loss. If you have some natural structures remaining, a partial set can fill the gaps but allow you to keep your natural teeth. A complete set will replace an entire arch of teeth. Unlike with a dental bridge, you will remove these nightly to clean. It is important that even if you are missing an entire arch, you continue to take care of your gums. Some patients may be eligible for implant-retained dentures, which create a secure option for dentures.

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