Riverside, CA, dentist offers orthodontic treatment including braces and invisalign

In our previous blog, we discussed the many benefits that orthodontic care can offer. Straightening your smile can improve its appearance, boost your confidence, and better your oral health for the long term. While these benefits can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming to know which treatment option is right for you. Today, your Riverside Dental Group team in CA discusses the differences between traditional braces and Invisalign so you can determine which method is right for your needs.

We Offer Traditional And Esthetic Braces

When you think of orthodontics, braces may be the first thing you envision. These consist of brackets and wires held in place with colorful bands. This option gradually shifts your teeth into the correct position. On average, this method takes around one to two years depending on the severity of your misalignment. One benefit of this option is that it can address a wide range of problems and is a good option for a majority of patients. Traditionally, they are made of metal brackets and wires and the patient can choose their color bands. However, if you would like a more discreet or visually appealing option, we also offer esthetic braces made of clear or gold brackets. This may be a preferable option for adult patients going through orthodontic treatment. They work the same way but may be more appealing for some patients.

Invisalign As An Alternative

Another popular orthodontic option is Invisalign clear trays. This method uses a series of discreet aligner trays to adjust your smile. Invisalign is often reserved for teenage and adult patients, as you must be responsible enough to take care of your trays and wear them properly. Like braces, this treatment can take around one to two years depending on your needs. You will change your trays every few weeks as instructed by your dentist. One benefit of this option is that it may be more comfortable than braces. You can remove your trays during meals and when brushing your teeth, which may make these tasks easier for many patients. Unlike braces, others will not be able to tell you are going through orthodontic treatment. This may be a preferred choice for teenage or adult patients as you can address your smile concerns without feeling self-conscious.

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