Riverside, CA, dentist offers checkups

Dental cleanings and examinations are important for patients of all ages. Starting these visits at a young age can help your child feel comfortable with the routine and teach them the importance of their smile’s health. Your Riverside, CA, dental team offers a calm approach so your child can have a positive dental experience.

Starting Care At A Young Age

Like you, your little one needs to see the dentist twice a year. The initial visit can start as early as their first tooth erupts, and consistent checkups can continue throughout their lifetime. Pediatric dental checkups are fairly similar to adult ones, but they focus on educating your little one and promoting the proper development of their smiles. Your child may feel nervous during their first few visits. Our team will do their best to help your little one feel comfortable. If necessary, we can schedule longer appointments and sedation to ensure they are getting the care needed.

Cleaning, Examination, And Restorations

Their checkup includes a cleaning and examination. During the cleaning, plaque buildup is removed from their teeth. X-rays and other images may be taken to get a closer look at their oral cavity. This can help detect decay, misalignment problems, and erupting teeth, which can be used to create treatment plans. If there is a concern with your child’s smile, restorations can be added to their treatment plan. For example, if a cavity is found during their checkup, a dental filling can be done to restore the area.

Fluoride And Sealants Offer Additional Protection

It’s important to keep their primary teeth healthy, even though they will eventually make way for the permanent ones. Extra measures like fluoride treatments and sealants can help protect their pearly whites from decay. Fluoride can be applied topically to help add minerals back to the enamel. Their dentist may recommend this if your little one seems more susceptible to cavities or if early signs of decay are noticed. Sealants can be used on back molars and act as a barrier between your child’s tooth and food particles. This can help reduce the chances of a cavity forming on these hard-to-reach spaces. Sealants may be helpful for patients as they learn how to properly brush and floss.

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You can set a good example for your kids with consistent checkups and good oral hygiene practices at home. To schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists, call your nearest Riverside Dental Group location today.

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