Riverside, CA, dentist offers prosthetic replacement options

Losing a tooth can be frustrating when you do your best to prioritize your oral health. The team at Riverside Dental in CA can help guide you through the process of replacing this lost pearly white. There are several prosthetic options, from an individual replacement option to mimicking several of your lost dental structures. Your dentist will help you find the right one for your needs so that you can maintain your smile’s function and appearance.

Dental Bridges Can Replace Several Missing Structures

Dental bridges are precisely what the name suggests. This prosthetic option bridges the gap in your smile caused by your lost pearly whites. This fixed replacement option is secured in place and does not need to be removed to clean. A bridge can improve your smile’s appearance by creating a lifelike replacement. It also offers the benefit of improving your speaking and chewing ability that may have been affected by tooth loss. This is a great option for patients experiencing up to three missing dental structures in a row. Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your smile to ensure this is the best option for your needs.

Deciding Between Partial And Complete Dentures

A dental bridge is a great option for patients missing up to three missing structures in a row, but what do you do when you are experiencing more severe tooth loss? There is also the option of partial and complete dentures to help you have a complete smile again. Partial dentures can replace your missing teeth while leaving room for your healthy teeth to remain in place. A complete set of dentures can replace an entire arch. These options are traditionally removable and may be a great option for patients experiencing severe loss and jawbone damage.

Implants Can Mimic Your Entire Lost Structure

Dental implants are a unique restoration option that can replace the root and crown of your missing pearly whites. Unlike the previously mentioned prosthetics, this option is secured in place. A dental implant consists of three parts that mimic the root and visible part of your tooth. A titanium post is secured into your jawbone to create a sturdy base. Then, an abutment piece is used to connect this post to the new crown. This is a great replacement method for patients because it helps maintain your jawbone and can last for several years.

Questions About Your Prosthetic Options? Talk To Our Team!

Tooth loss can affect the function and appearance of your smile. The team at Riverside Dental Group in CA can help you fill in these gaps. Call your nearest location today to schedule an appointment.

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