Riverside, CA, dentist offers treatments for TMJ If you frequently experience headaches, jaw pain, or tooth sensitivity, you’re not alone. These symptoms may be caused by conditions such as TMJ dysfunction or bruxism, which affects patients of all ages. You may feel like you can push these problems off, but without treatment they can worsen overtime. The team at Riverside Dental in California could help diagnose and treat the problem without invasive surgeries.

Talk To Your Dentist About Your Symptoms

Your biannual checkup is not just for a cleaning and checking for cavities. This visit is a great time to bring up other oral health concerns you may have with your dentist. If you often experience symptoms like headaches, a popping sound when you open your mouth, or pain when chewing, you can let your dentist know about these problems. They can use these symptoms and other signs found during your examination to diagnose and treat the problem. Your dentist may even be able to tell that you have TMJ dysfunction before you experience significant symptoms. The sooner the problem is detected and diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated, so don’t ignore symptoms of this problem.

If You Ignore These Concerns

Your temporomandibular joints help us open and close our mouths. If they do not hinge properly, it can cause headaches, earaches, discomfort, and other problems for the patient. When left untreated, you may experience worsening symptoms such as stiffness, sleep disruption, and a decline in your overall health. TMD may also worsen bruxism, which is a disorder that causes patients to chronically grind their teeth together. As a result, your pearly whites can become worn down and damaged.

An Oral Appliance Could Help

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your smile to find signs of TMJ dysfunction. They may take X-rays or test the motion of your jaw to help identify the concern. If you have TMD, a custom oral appliance can help relieve your symptoms. The appliance will help you balance the pressure placed on your jaw while you sleep so that it can properly rest. This treatment may also help patients with bruxism by protecting their teeth from grinding against each other at night. TMD and bruxism are often found together in patients, so this non-invasive treatment can help bring relief from the conditions.

We Can Help Treat Your Symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ or bruxism, we may be able to diagnose and treat the problem. Call your nearest Riverside CA dental team today to learn more.

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