Riverside, CA, dentist offers mouthguards We know you do your best to keep your kids happy and healthy. You bring them to their biannual dental checkups, bring them to their extracurricular activities, and sign them up for sports to try out. While activities like football, hockey, and soccer can be fun for your child, they are not without risk of injuries. Your Riverside Dental team in California can create a custom gear to protect their teeth, tongue, and gums from injuries.

Understanding The Benefits Of This Gear

What is the point of this protective gear? When you think about playing sports, you may think about the benefits of your child staying active and social. Unfortunately, though, these games are not without risk of injury. A custom mouthguard can help keep your child’s teeth, tongue, and lips safe from damage that can happen when you play contact sports. If your kid bumps into someone during a game, they could risk damaging orthodontic gear like braces, chipping a tooth, or biting their tongue, which will require an emergency dental visit.

Customize It To Fit Your Needs And Style

You can buy a generic protective mouthpiece at the store, but it will not fit precisely to your child’s mouth and may not be as effective. Instead, your dentist can create a custom one that is created for their smile and the color can be customized to match their team colors or favorite color. When you come in for your visit, the dentist will take an impression of their oral cavity to create the piece. When it’s ready, it will be checked for accuracy and fit. Your kid will wear this to games and practices to protect their smile. A mouthguard is great for athletes of all ages and levels, so you can have one made for yourself as well if you would like.

Reduce The Need For Emergency Care

We offer urgent dental care when you need it, such as if you experience a toothache or break a tooth. However, you can reduce the chances of needing emergency care by protecting your smile. Contact sports can put you at an increased risk of harming a tooth, your jaw, or your lips. If you do experience a dental emergency, though, we can help assess and treat the problem.

Protect Your Smile From Harm With A Pro-Form Mouthguard

Whether you are a professional athlete or play for fun, keep your teeth safe from injuries with this custom guard. Call your nearest Riverside Dental Group location today to learn more.

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