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Temecula Dentist: How To Protect Little Smiles

On Thursday, will you and your family be joining others to celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, we hope you have a great time and enjoy lots of fun conversation and food. However, the sugary desserts and starchy foods can pose a serious risk of decay to you and especially to your children. How do you protect… Read more »

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Answers Baby Teeth Questions

When you start asking yourself questions about your child’s smile, it’s a good time to stop and come in for a visit. We suggest that you seek answers about children’s dentistry topics from your Riverside children’s dentist! As a result, you won’t come across a variety of mixed information (possibly from the Internet or friends)… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Talks: Fluoride Details

When you begin learning about oral health guidelines within children’s dentistry, you may discover that there are some very simple and effective ways of protecting your kids’ smiles and your own smile. As a result, you will also discover that fluoride is essential for growing smiles (as well as for mom and dad). To help clarify some details… Read more »

3 Good Questions For Your Riverside Children’s Dentist

Do you feel like you’re full of questions during the months when you’re home brushing and flossing with your child? Then, the moment you bring your little one in for a visit with your Riverside children’s dentist, the inquiries magically disappear from your mind? Your every attempt to access them continues to fail until you’re… Read more »

Top 3 Candies For Your Child To Avoid On Halloween

Have you been wondering about whether you should let your child simply have a free-for-all with the candies he or she has collected on Halloween night? Or, are there some candies that are more potentially damaging to your child’s dental health than others? While all candy brings its fair share of danger to teeth and… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Talks: Sealants

Do you have some questions for your children’s dentist about dental sealants? Are you doing your best to ask around and to search online for answers about sealants and keeping your child’s smile in excellent condition (but you find that getting a consistent, reliable answer is nearly impossible)? As you know, we will always recommend… Read more »

From Your Children’s Dentist: About Fillings

When you are doing everything you can to protect your child’s smile, one of the main concerns on your mind is helping your little one avoid tooth decay. Nobody is happy to discover the presence of a cavity – and if you are someone who is not very happy about receiving fillings, you may wish… Read more »

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Offers On-The-Go Parent Tips

When you’re a busy on-the-go parent, you might find that you’re not sure how to keep your kids’ smiles protected at all hours of the day – particularly when you’re out and about. Fortunately, your Riverside children’s dentist has some tips for you! From figuring out what to offer your child when you’re taking a… Read more »

Tooth-Friendly Foods For Your Toddler

We all want our kids to be healthy, to have good physically health and good oral health. Today we know that poor oral health can affect your overall health, so encouraging healthy habits while your children are young can help prevent issues from developing later on. However, we all know that kids can be very… Read more »

Why Children’s Dentists Love Mouthguards

Children’s dentistry (pediatric dentistry) includes protecting teeth in many ways. The American Dental Association recognizes the importance of mouthguards in preventing dental injuries for sports participants of any age. Mouthguards are suggested during sports and activities where contact or collision with people or objects may occur. Teeth are vulnerable to chipping, loosening and being knocked out…. Read more »