Riverside, CA, dentist offers full mouth reconstructions

Has it been a while since you last saw your dentist? If you have been inconsistent with checkups, you may have several oral health concerns that need to be addressed. These problems could include cavities and gum disease, or esthetic issues such as uneven teeth. It can be stressful to know how to get started on repairing these issues. Your team at Riverside Dental Group in CA offers a treatment plan that can restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Improving The Function Of Your Smile

The first step of your full mouth reconstruction is to bring your smile back to its optimal health. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and assess what treatment options are necessary. These can range from simple restorations, like fillings, to more extensive procedures, like extractions or tooth replacement. It’s important that your teeth and gums are in good health before moving on to cosmetic improvements. If you are experiencing tooth decay, your dentist can fill the cavities before they reach a severe stage. During the reconstruction process, other treatments like crowns, extractions, or tooth replacements can be done. When these are done individually, it can take several appointments to renew your oral health. An FMR plan can help plan these in the most efficient way, so you can have a repaired smile faster.

Addressing Visual Concerns

Once your oral health has been brought back to health, cosmetic improvements can be made. You may have traditional cosmetic treatments done, such as whitening, bonding, or veneers. Dental crowns may also be used to improve the appearance and function of your pearly whites. These tooth-shaped caps can protect damaged teeth and help boost their appearance. Your dentist can also address gaps in your smile with a dental bridge or implants. Your dentist may also recommend starting orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic options like Invisalign or braces can help correct misalignment concerns, improve your oral health, and boost your self-confidence. This process can take around one to two years to complete, but the results will be long lasting. By including this in your FMR plan, you can feel confident in having improved function and appearance of your smile.

We Can Help You Restore Your Smile’s Beauty

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you have several dental health concerns. Your Riverside Dental Group team can help make this process easier. To schedule an appointment with our team, contact your nearest location today.

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