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Changes Provided Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Is this the right time for you to make a change to your smile? Is the right treatment available to help you improve your appearance and raise your confidence levels? Our Riverside, CA dental practice is ready to meet with you if you have an interest in a specific treatment, or if you want to… Read more »

Address Tooth Loss With A Bridge

How is tooth loss currently affecting your life? When you have just one tooth missing, it can be more difficult to bite and chew and more uncomfortable to show off your smile. You also have to deal with a greater vulnerability to new oral health issues, including the loss of more teeth! Treating this problem… Read more »

Fitting Invisalign Into Your Life

Is there something you can do about poor teeth spacing that will not create problems for your daily life? As effective as they are at fixing issues with malocclusion, metal braces can be hard for others to ignore. They can also make you uncomfortable with eating and cleaning your smile. Fortunately, there are alternative appliances that can… Read more »

Smile Care And Tartar Control

If you want to protect yourself against gum disease and tooth decay, make sure you keep your smile safe from tartar buildup. The trouble with tartar is that when deposits form, they remain until your next professional teeth cleaning. The good news is that during every routine dental exam, a cleaning is provided that will… Read more »

When Wisdom Teeth Become A Problem

Worsening problems with pain near your jaw, or a feeling of pressure against your molars, can be a warning that your wisdom teeth are starting to erupt. Unfortunately, many of us are not able to accommodate these teeth, also known as third molars, simply because we lack space in our mouths for them. If they… Read more »

Resolving Teeth Grinding Issues

If you let a problem with nightly teeth grinding go unaddressed, you can find yourself with more oral health concerns over time as friction from this action wears down your enamel. An issue with bruxism can lead to serious dental damage, leaving you with chipped and cracked teeth that need to be restored by your… Read more »

Reshaping Teeth That Look Flawed

Even if they are healthy, teeth that stand out due to their shape or size can be a problem for your smile. The good news is that this kind of problem is one that your Riverside, CA dentist is prepared to properly take on through conservative treatment options. Cosmetic dental work can help you deal… Read more »

Answering Questions About Cavity Treatment

A cavity treatment may not be on your mind at most times, but when you see your dentist, you can have several questions about what it will take to treat a problem identified during a checkup. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide care for dental decay that will protect your tooth while… Read more »

Why Patients Should Regularly Book Teeth Cleanings

How much good can you do for your smile when you consistently brush and floss? These efforts are certainly important. Without a good oral hygiene routine in place, it will be more difficult for you to prevent problems with plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. That being said, you should know that… Read more »

Can I Begin The New Year With Whiter Teeth?

How would you like to show off a more attractive smile in 2022? One way you can do this is to take on problems with worsening dental discoloration, which can be difficult to avoid, and can worsen through the years. Your Riverside, CA dentist can speak with you about the advantages to professional teeth whitening… Read more »