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When Dental Discomfort Affects Your Life

Dental discomfort that you feel in a moment can be irritating, but when that discomfort becomes a frequent issue, you should let your Riverside, CA dentist know about it. Recurring issues with pain or sensitivity can point to a worrisome, but treatable, problem with your oral health. If a specific tooth causes problems for you,… Read more »

Planning Your Orthodontic Work

After you talk to your Riverside, CA dentist about orthodontic work, you can feel more excited to begin treatment. One reason for this is that you can learn about how this work can improve your oral health as well as your appearance. Another is that you can find that there are welcome alternatives to care… Read more »

3 Cavity Prevention Tips

When it comes to smile care, there are several ways in which you protect yourself, as well as several potential concerns to avoid. Of course, it is hard to think of another issue as closely tied to oral health as dental decay. By preventing cavities, you protect yourself against irreversible harm done by dental decay…. Read more »

Fighting Enamel Stains To Improve Your Smile

There are multiple reasons why people stop feeling confident in the way they look whenever they smile and speak. For you and many others, the trouble can be linked to problems with accumulated enamel stains. As the particles left behind by different foods and drinks gather, they can hurt how you look, making you self-conscious… Read more »

The Importance Of Tartar Removal

How safe are you against threats like tooth decay and gum disease? Hopefully, you have committed to a daily smile care routine that lowers your risk for these problems. Issues with poor hygiene can lead to tartar buildup, which makes it harder to prevent problems that require professional services from your dentist to treat. At… Read more »

Root Canals And Pain Relief

If you try to simply ignore tooth pain and sensitivity and go about your daily routine, you can let the symptoms of a potentially serious oral health problem go unnoticed and unaddressed. The longer you continue to disregard discomfort, the more likely it is that the problem will worsen, leading to new complications and more… Read more »

Pain Relief Through TMJ Treatment

Until you do something about TMJ disorder, your daily life can be affected by issues like facial pain, jaw discomfort and stiffness, discomfort in your neck as well as your shoulders, and even problems like headaches and teeth grinding. In other words, this is a condition that can seriously impede your quality of life if… Read more »

How Our Office Cares For Kids And Adults

There are different ways in which the right dental office can take care of your family. For your kids, you should be able to count on routine visits to provide them with protection in the office, guidance on good oral hygiene at home, and an overall positive experience that makes them comfortable with return visits…. Read more »

Discover What Veneers Can Do For You

Cosmetic dental work is capable of making different kinds of improvements to teeth that look less than attractive. What may surprise you is that with just one procedure, you can take on several issues at one time! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is happy to help you take on difficulties with your appearance through the… Read more »

Dealing With Erupting Wisdom Teeth

Typically, teeth are only removed when there are no other options for treatment. However, wisdom teeth are regularly extracted, and they are not replaced. What makes these teeth different than the rest is that our mouths typically lack space for them. When they begin to erupt, these third molars can press against neighboring teeth, which… Read more »