We here at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley are excited that you have chosen us to take care of all your dental needs. Not only will we provide you with quality care and treatment, but we will also educate you on the ways that you can continue that same quality care at home. Test your current dental knowledge with the following quiz and see how well you’ve been doing on your own.

1. Which of these actions will help protect teeth against decay?

a. Avoiding sugary snacks

b. Brushing and flossing

c. Using a fluoridated mouthwash

d. All of the above

The answer is d, all of the above. Eating healthy foods and following a daily oral hygiene routine are very important to the protection of your teeth. Fluoride is a helpful ingredient to have in your oral care products because it strengthens tooth enamel, making the teeth less prone to tooth decay.

2. Which oral problem has been found to put people at risk for diseases such as arthritis?

a. Bad breath

b. Gum disease

c. Dry mouth

d. Yellow teeth

The answer is b, gum disease. Also called periodontal disease, it affects more than just the mouth. In addition to increasing a person’s risk for rheumatoid arthritis, gum disease also increases a pregnant woman’s chance of delivering an underdeveloped baby.

3. How often should you visit the Dental Associates of Moreno Valley for a checkup?

a. Every six months

b. Every two years

c. Every week

d. Whenever I can find the time

The answer is a, every six months. Regular dental visits are vital to a healthy mouth because your dentist has the training and tools to find and correct problems that may not be obvious to you. Plus, professional teeth cleanings will help keep your teeth plaque-free and your mouth feeling fresh.

To schedule your next checkup with the Dental Associates of Moreno Valley, call (951) 697-6800.