What are white fillings?

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Why are fillings important?

Your teeth are not self-healing. This means that when your tooth becomes infected, professional dental care is vital to prevent the spread of tooth decay. Untreated cavities will travel deeper into your tooth’s layers, damaging your tooth enamel, breaching your soft layer of dentin, and eventually infecting your sensitive dental pulp. Fillings stop the progression of bacteria from tooth decay and build back the tooth structure lost to a cavity.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

These aesthetic fillings are discrete, as opposed to traditional darker metal fillings. Only you and our Corona dentist will know you have had dental work, so you can laugh out loud with confidence that you filling will be inconspicuous. Additionally, composite resin fillings allow for minimally invasive procedures. Conservative dentistry with means keeping as much healthy tooth structure as possible while addressing tooth decay. White fillings are also convenient. Our Corona dentist can place and complete your dental filling in one office visit.

White Fillings in Corona, CA

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